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Old And New Recipes is a collection of recipes that I have invented (maybe reinvented) or simplified or improved; it also includes Food and Kitchen Tips and Opinions. Many of these recipes I use constantly; some of them I make primarily for special occasions or at certain times of the year. Some of them include the best way—or different ways—to make some things that you may already know. They were specifically written to be clear, precise, and easy to make. This is not a cookbook stuffed with recipes that you will never want to eat. For pictures of the book, go to the picture page.

Free Recipes From The Cookbook

Cocada Pudding
Tapioca Pudding
Vanilla Ice Cream
Chocolate Mousse
Melted Root Beer Float

Descriptions Of Recipes



Variations Of Milk And Chocolate Milk


Salads And Gelatine



Main Dishes

Other Recipes

Food and Kitchen Tips and Opinions

Two pages of kitchen-related tips and opinions.

Details Of The Cookbook

Comb binding—lies flat; 10 mil. clear plastic covers; 65 lb. cover pages; 52 pages on 24 lb. paper; 8 1/2 x 11-inches.