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The Pumpkin

Cut the pumpkin into large pieces. Scrape out the seeds and most of the stringy stuff. Put it in a baking pan, cut-side down, and bake at 350° for 1 to 2 hours. (Small "pie pumpkin" takes about 1 hour; regular pumpkin—the type that is carved for Halloween—takes longer to cook; it is the type of pumpkin that makes the difference in cooking times, not the size.) Test with a fork; when done, it should be soft enough to make mashing it easy. Using a wire-type masher, mash the pumpkin and scrape it away from the skin and stringy stuff with the masher; place the mashed pumpkin in a bowl. If you let it cool down first, it is easier to just hold each pumpkin piece in one hand and mash and scrape it with the masher in the other hand. Then just measure out how much you need, or refrigerate it or freeze it for later use.

The Pie

Blend the pumpkin and the evaporated milk together in a blender (in small batches); set aside. Place all the other pie filling ingredients in a mixing bowl; blend well, so that the eggs are well blended with the sugar and spices (a wire whip works well). Stir in the pumpkin mixture.

If you do not have a blender—or if you just want to make it by hand the old-fashioned way—you can blend the pumpkin with a wire whip. At first put only enough of the evaporated milk together with the pumpkin to facilitate blending and to keep the pumpkin and the milk from separating, then gradually blend in the rest of the milk before stirring it into to the rest of the pie filling. (This method will result in the pie filling having a coarser texture than if you use a blender.)

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